Foundation Course

Starting September 2013 in Glastonbury.

September 21st; October 19th (this one may change ...);

November 16th; December 7th; 

January 18th; February 8th; March 8th; April 5th.

The BWY Foundation course is a sixty hour course which takes place over a minimum of six months.

The Foundation course is for people who simply want to deepen their knowledge of Yoga or those who wish to go on and do the BWY Diploma course.

It is an enjoyable course with not a lot of commitment (compared to the diploma course!) where you learn more about yourself and your Yoga practice. The main requirements are that you turn up at all (or at least 80% of) the sessions, that you write a brief practice diary, and that you fill in the feedback forms at the end. You then receive a certificate.

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Download the Foundation syllabus