What students have said about Wendy's teaching:

The Flowers of Yoga, September 27th, 2008

"The day was a wonderful exploration of the chakras enhanced and supported by Wendy's vast knowledge and experience in the subject."
Kate Smith, workshop co-ordinator and collator of feed-back.

I was really grateful for the way Wendy brought clarity to such a mystifying subject as the Chakras.  Her teaching was so relevant and so instantly accessible that it allowed me to integrate what I learnt and put it straight into practise.  Wendy has the ability to crystallise vast tracts of yogic knowledge into memorable ‘soundbites’, which make perfect sense to the modern yogi. 

Carley Oates, workshop participant

'Thank you so much for bringing about a much more 'relaxed' and clearer understanding of the Chakras. It is a subject that quite a lot of us - and by this I mean the less experienced tutors such as myself - do become quite intense about, and tend to have angst - like moments when initially confronted by them. However, you dispelled the fears with your encouragement of the 'here and now' being the 'prime mover' as it were; 'going with the flow', to coin a well known phrase. Just thoroughly enjoyable and the relevant asanas really married the theory to the practice.
My thanks, too, for the superb attachments and handouts; not only will they be enormously useful for myself but also for my lovely Yoga students.
Your very valued encouragement, the benefit of your experience and your positive advice and guidance, will remain with me for many years to come.'
Adrienne Fouracre, workshop participant.

As I have been to a few of your workshops and always been inspired, I would like to say the following...

Wendy is a very creative teacher; her knowledge and love of yoga shine through her teaching. She skillfully integrates philosophy and asana practice in an accessible way making her workshops fun as well as practical. Her recent workshop on the Chakras was truly inspirational.
Pam Jeffrey, workshop participant.

I have known Wendy for many years now she has been a continual source of inspiration in her consistent commitment to yoga practice and a yogic way of life.
I recently attended her teaching day for "The British Wheel of Yoga" called "The Flowers of Yoga". It was an enjoyable workshop which combined physical practice with breathing and deeper more spiritual exercises. Every part of the day was planned with a lot of thought and consideration. Wendy had not been very well and could not take part in some of the practices but she was so clear with the instructions, looked out for each individual, and created a lovely atmosphere in the room. She has a very clear presence.
I really like the way in which Wendy brings her own wisdom and experience to Yoga. It no longer becomes that which we do to escape from life but something which can contribute to our ability to make the most of our lives. Wendy offers the yoga practice as a way of gaining mental freedom and insight which we can then bring back to daily life. This is in my opinion an essential, wise approach to modern life which is absolutely necessary for the continuation of our planet.

Linda Dowler, acupuncturist and workshop participant

Diploma course, finished November 15th, 2008

The memories of the course will always remain and think of all the friendships that have been made, even if we do only meet occasionally at other yoga days.  You have truly been a most inspiring teacher always being prepared to go the extra mile for us all – and I hope that this came over in our feed back to the assessor!  We really did only say nice things!   On our way back up the motorway Jan and I both said that we would not have wanted to do it with any other teacher and could not have done it without your unstinting support.

Lynne Richardson, BWY dip.

Wendy is a first class teacher of teachers and teacher of students, at all levels.  She is conscientious and professional but at the same time very approachable and understanding.  Her knowlege and understanding of yoga and how that links with the human body is inspirational.  I also find her a very intuitive teacher.
Her classes are a joy and I always come away feeling that I have learnt something new.

Julia Cowlishaw, BWY dip.